Being a healthcare provider for over 30 years I often seek a more Holistic approach to improve or maintain health. In working with Bibiana I have realized a much deeper meaning to health that goes past the physical. Health of the emotions, mind and spiritual aspects of my “being”. She has a compassionate and straightforward approach that brings greater understanding and improved health on all aspects of myself. Bibiana has also taught me different ways to meditate that are simple and effective that I can do for myself and have also been able to pass the techniques to my patients!


Healthcare provider , NY, EE. UU.

Bip is my go to person when I need support with any physical or emotional issues that are deep rooted and caused by negative, limiting beliefs. I always feel great relief from my issues and full of optimism and hope after working with her!

Renu A.

Health Coach , Texas, EEUU

I met Bibiana 9 years ago. I learned a lot from her in many aspects, but it wasn’t until I realized I was deep in a sect, that I reached out to her even more. You see, when you are in a sect, they really try to manipulate your mind and your emotions. I was not completely blind, yet blind enough: to justify wrong behaviors, to do almost everything that was asked for me to do without questions…
That being said, my Soul kept me somewhat awaken.
Once I left, I felt so much guilt, loneliness, sadness, depression…among many other negative things and almost dead inside. I started to have healing sessions with Bibiana, Our Divine Guides and Divine Beings. Soon enough I started to heal my heart. I started to forgive myself, build self confidence and above all, self Love. Not just that, I felt I was provided with the tools to become a better me. Today, I have my job, a healthy relationship with myself and have accomplish things I never thought possible. I see the impact of her work in my life and I am forever grateful.

Texas, USA

I clung so much anger and pain that I poisoned my life and that of others. I’m done with that way of life. Through Bibiana’s meditations, I can sometimes feel the pain freed from my body. My back, knee and my foot are much better. Everything in my life is better. It’s just amazing. 


Development specialist, Maryland, EE.UU.

Bip has helped me to recover my inner peace, which I had lost after the loss of my husband. Her meditations have helped me stay healthy. I thank her very much for her dedication and interest in my well being.

Flor N.

Beauty consultant, México

I was introduced to the world of healing when I first met Bibiana at a spiritual retreat. The world of energy science is vast and there are many practitioners, gurus and healers. But each one is distinct and unique in their life purpose to educate and heal people. Bibiana has truly been a “God Sent” for me and some of my family members; not only, she has healed me out of depression and pain, but has led me towards my life goal.  She has been a brilliant coach with her inciting questions to lead me to my own path of self-discovery.  While at the same time lending a gently shoulder of assurance whenever I needed it.

One of her best attributes is her humbleness about her own ability to help people.  She is tremendously gifted yet she constantly asks her students if they are seeing improvement. Vendanta also says- don’t take anything as prescriptive, validation via self is important and Bibiana ensures her students live it!

P. M.

CEO, Nueva Delhi, India.

My name is Lucia, I’m Uruguayan. Medical doctor by profession and mother of two beautiful children. I have known Bibi for more than 10 years, I have taken several courses directed by her, I have participated in guided meditations for her, we have done countless group service meditations directed by her and she has helped me countless times with problems of all kinds and colors with love and a lot of professionalism. Bibi is unconditional. She is very professional. She is focused and direct. Her work is effective and intense. Her energy is like that too. She is very cheerful and generous. I feel very lucky to have met her. I really want to continue learning and growing with you. So be it!

Lucía D.

Doctor and mother of two children, Montevideo, Uruguay

Bibiana is a healer with a higher purpose wanting to make a true difference in this world.  Apart from my healing sessions with her, I have come to admire and respect the development work she does in poor countries.  She has healed many people for free who could not afford and simply needed help.  She is truly an inspiration on our true purpose as humans. Her meditations bring a lot of healing and she has distributed them for free to help people in pain and suffering without trying to monetize them.  She is an evolved meditator and whenever I have meditated with her I have felt great expansion.  

S. Kumar

CEO, Nueva Delhi, India.

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