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Bibiana Vásquez

Bibiana Vásquez

Bibiana, a.k.a. Bip, uses her training in spiritual sciences and coaching/healing for the past 22 years and her life experiences gathered from having visited 56 countries and worked in 35 of them in 4 continents.

She has founded Wings of Consciousness in 2015 to respond to coaching/healing and awareness raising demands from her friends, colleagues and people she meets while traveling. She works with people from different ages, and diverse professional and socio-cultural backgrounds.

Bip’s enthusiasm and dedication in studying the wellness and spiritual sciences for the past 22 years, come from her observation of the positive effect of simple practices derived from the ancient wisdom on children, youth, women, professionals, parents and executives she has worked with. Their daily routines can be described with words such as anxiety, fear, pain, regret, resentment, stress or worry. This impacts heavily on what they desire the most: achieving a balanced lifestyle, enjoying what they do, while still maintaining healthy personal and professional relationships.

She was trained as an Industrial Engineer from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, and holds a master’s degree in economic development from Duke University in the USA. She has 30 years of experience as a specialist in economic development with social inclusion. She is currently an external development consultant for the UN and international organizations.

After working for 30 years as a million-dollar projects´ specialist for poverty alleviation, water and sanitation and enterprise development programs in developing countries, she is convinced that real change in poverty alleviation, and ultimately quality of life improvement at the grassroots level, can only happen permanently when those in need are empowered at the personal/inner level.

In Bip´s experience, simple solutions should be at everyone´s reach! This is why one of the goals of Wings of Consciousness is to provide services on a voluntary basis to marginalized groups and non-profit organizations in various countries.

“I really believe self-realization should be one of the sustainable development goals

that UN should proclaim and help everyone attain. It would directly and positively impact on increased productivity, right human relations and equitable socio-economic development”

Luiza Grandchamp

Luiza Grandchamp

Luiza is an artist, educator, life coach/healer and entrepreneur born in Brazil.  She graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Houston. She holds the Piaget lower elementary education certificate and the American Montessori Education elementary certificate.

Since 1998, Luiza designs original jewelry and for the last 27 years she combines her loving passion for the arts with her multicultural experience as an educator. Since 2013, she teaches art, ceramics to middle and upper school children at the Kinkaid School, the oldest independent co-educational school of the greater Houston area.

She has worked as board member and program designer of visual arts at NGOs supporting high school and college at-risk students. She has headed arts department and been curriculum designer for a Houston-based Montessori. 

Concurrent with this, Luiza was responsible for international operations throughout the world for Renewal Center, which teaches strategies for parenting, family transition, healing and meditation.  She developed materials and led coaching and training certifications programs for family transformation, holistic education and spirituality.  She has also worked with Living Forward Alliance as a program facilitator, life coach and fundraiser to combat substance abuse for women. 

Paula Estrada

Paula Estrada

“From an early age I knew that I had a different perspective of the world and I felt an immense need to help others. I have always thought that we are all one, that we are interrelated through a divine purpose.”

Paula started her spiritual and healing training at age 18, when she realized she had to follow her intuition. Although her abilities are innate, she has deepened in their study.

She prefers working with children not only because they are the future of our nations, but also because they absorb what they observe and experience in their first years of life, and what they learn is what forges them as human beings. If we want a better world, we must focus very early on on their education, on sensitizing them and teaching them the way of love.

Paula´s first service project was with children from low-income families who have suffered some type of violence in Tlaquepaque, a rural area in the State of Jalisco, Mexico. There, she could see how through breathing techniques, yoga, exercise and healing, the children she met sad and angry at first were smiling and jumping of joy only weeks later.

What has really marked her life has been her visit to India and Nepal, countries with great material poverty but great abundance of goodwill. In Nepal she has worked with orphaned girls. She learned more about them from their resilience, sense of gratitude and inner silence than what she could teach them.

Under Wings of Consciousness, she can share the techniques she has learned during her training and trips with Bip which have improved her life and empowered her to help others.

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