I am the artist of my own life

The I-AM program aims at showing children that each event in life allow us to grow and that we can choose to celebrate the magic of living a joyful life.

The goal of I-AM is to use artistic activities to help children and youth better understand themselves and develop healthy life skills. Our workshops aim at understanding virtues such as: adaptability, altruism, compassion, goodwill, good health, gratitude, honesty, integrity, open-mindedness, resilience, self-respect/self-esteem/self-love, tolerance and understanding.

A curriculum of fun activities designed specifically for each session teach children:

  • How to develop self-love and self-respect
  • How to take care of their own health
  • How to identify their strengths and to use them to benefit others
  • How to ask for help
  • How to express gratitude and use it as a treasure in life
  • How to understand diversity
  • How to work and collaborate in teams
  • How to have fun!!

We have started this program in Nepal with orphan children and youth.

If you would like to support this program in Nepal, please DONATE.

Also, if you are interested in bringing our I-AM Program to your city, contact us.


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