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Group Services

Our services are directed to any individual or group. We offer special programs for children, youth, women and disadvantaged groups. We accept volunteers in these programs.

Coaching - Meditation

We offer practical techniques that combine coaching, visualizations and meditation to groups. Such techniques are aimed at restoring inner peace, harmony in relationships, and strengthening leadership and teamwork. For those who have never really experienced peace, or who cannot do it at will, this is something not to be missed! Once we can attain inner peace, can we think clearly about our next steps towards a dignified and wholesome life.


Our work with children is done jointly with the parents and educators, when possible. It is facilitated through coaching that offers simple and age-appropriate tools so that they can better control their emotions and attitudes that may be discordant in their family or in their environment. Simple teachings are also described in books and games in which children can begin to be aware of who they are and understand their role in life.


“We may all be ready early on to fly up and know the meaning of joy, kindness and love.”


We design meditations for specific needs, including relaxation, self-healing, forgiveness, strengthen the spiritual connection and service. Our guided meditations adapt to different types of meditators, from beginners to advanced practitioners. During the full moon we offer guided meditations online.

Meet Our Team


Luiza Grandchamp

Luiza Grandchamp

Luiza is an artist, educator, life coach/healer and entrepreneur born in Brazil.  She graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Houston. She holds the Piaget lower elementary education certificate and the American Montessori Education elementary certificate.

Bibiana Vásquez

Bibiana Vásquez

Bibiana, a.k.a. Bip, uses her training in spiritual sciences and coaching/healing for the past 22 years and her life experiences gathered from having visited 56 countries and worked in 35 of them in 4 continents.

Paula Estrada

Paula Estrada

Paula´s first service project was with children from low-income families who have suffered some type of violence in Tlaquepaque, a rural area in the State of Jalisco, Mexico. There, she could see how through breathing techniques, yoga, exercise and healing, the children she met sad and angry at first were smiling and jumping of joy only weeks later.


What people say

I was holding onto so much anger and hurt I was poisoning my own life and others´. I´m done. Through Bibiana´s meditations, I can sometimes feel the pain releasing from my body. My back, knee and foot are much better. Everything in my life is better. It´s just amazing.


Mother of two and Development specialist, Maryland, EE. UU.

I was introduced to the world of healing when I first met Bibiana at a spiritual retreat. The world of energy science is vast and there are many practitioners, gurus and healers. But each one is distinct and unique in their life purpose to educate and heal people. Bibiana has truly been a “God Sent” for me and some of my family members; not only, she has healed me out of depression and pain, but has led me towards my life goal.  She has been a brilliant coach with her inciting questions to lead me to my own path of self-discovery.  While at the same time lending a gently shoulder of assurance whenever I needed it.

One of her best attributes is her humbleness about her own ability to help people.  She is tremendously gifted yet she constantly asks her students if they are seeing improvement. Vendanta also says- don’t take anything as prescriptive, validation via self is important and Bibiana ensures her students live it!

P. M.

CEO, Nueva Dehli, India

Bip is my go to person when I need support with any physical or emotional issues that are deep rooted and caused by negative, limiting beliefs. I always feel great relief from my issues and full of optimism and hope after working with her!

Renu A.

Health Coach, Texas, EEUU

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We offer on-site or distance sessions for groups or individuals.


Individual sessions:

  • Duration: 60 Minutes.
  • Price: US$130 or 115 euros.


Three-session 60-minute package.

  • Duration: 60 minutes each, 180 minutes total.
  • Price: US$350 or 310 euros.

Coaching Sessions Agenda

Accessing our coaching/healing sessions is very easy. Select a date available in the calendar and complete the form, we will contact you shortly. If you have any questions, write to

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