At the individual level, we offer coaching/healing sessions in which people work from physical illnesses to blockages on a personal level, in their relationships, in working life and even to facilitate changes in life.

Through coaching/healing, we work to change beliefs and lead people to enjoy healthier lives in all aspects, helping them to fulfill their purpose of life.

Fulfilling our purpose means being able to learn to paddle in life, knowing which direction is best at each point, with whom, how and, in particular, when to continue, stop or turn.

We can stop living every day with a sense of urgency, especially to earn money, power and/or position, and begin to live with a true sense of fulfillment


We all have our inner wisdom to seize. There has not been or will be a system or a person who can replace his relationship with his soul, his superior self or god (as he chooses to interpret it). This connection with his true self and the source of wisdom is unique, irreplaceable and sacred.

Under this premise, a coach is a guide, but not a teacher or a supposed guru. The healer is just another human being like you. The coach should not be considered as someone who solves problems on his behalf, but as a facilitator and someone who points to a different perspective that will allow him to solve his “problem”. The coach can provide tools tailored to the specific needs of each one.

In all cases, we work with non-invasive energy methods and belief systems that help eliminate people’s blockages by providing a sense of clarity and well-being. Regular practices are recommended to help you stay in a positive state as part of your workout. We don’t need to drown in our own misfortunes and hardships. Solutions are usually in how we interpret what we perceive as problems. From these sessions, each one can continue to apply meditation techniques, visualizations and the principle of forgiveness and unconditional love.

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Accessing our coaching/healing sessions is very easy. Select the type of session, and the date and time available in our calendar or send an email to to schedule a session.

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We offer in-person or distance sessions for individuals or groups.

Individual sessions:

  • Duration: 60 minutes.
  • Price: US$130 or 115 euros.

Package of three 60-minute sessions.

  • Duration: 60 minutes each, 180 minutes in total.
  • Price: US$350 or 310 euros.
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